Ethno~Pride is a Proudly African modern leisure fashion and lifestyle brand. It is a wholly owned African female brand.  It showcases the vibrant, bold and intricately patterned fabric sourced from the African continent.  Our brand reflects our love and passion for the African Heritage.

We started Ethno~Pride with the vision to “to create a high quality contemporary leisure wear and lifestyle brand that reflects the richness of the African heritage”.

Our products include the following:

Leisure wear: Adult and Kiddies t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, tracksuits, vests etc made from good quality cotton.

Lifestyle Products: Laptop bags and, make –up, shopping bags etc., eyewear pouches, aprons, cushions and other interior décor items

Overall, we believe in delivering exceptional value to our valued customers by providing ethically hand made products and a great customer experience. We hope you will love our products as much as we loved making them for you…


Carol Baya: Founder


My Heritage, My Pride.

Ethno~Pride Products

We offer high quality contemporary leisure wear and lifestyle products that reflect the richness of the African heritage.

Our Products are handmade in South Africa from high quality cotton and ethnic fabric sourced from the African continent.

Our Ethno~Pride Collections and what inspired them:

The Thandeka Collection

  • “The loved one” – inspired by my only daughter Alexis Thandeka, who I love very much.  It was actually her idea to give the collections names that were meaningful to the brand. For that Im truly grateful.
  • The Thandeka Collection is depicted by the ethnic print hearts, bows and all things lovable!

The Motherland Collection

  • “Motherland- where cultural or ethnic identity is formed. “
  • The Motherland collection is depicted by the map of Africa sewn onto the t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies.

The Silhouette Collection

  • Silhouette “(sĭl′o͞o-ĕt′)– an outline of a solid figure”
  • The silhouette collection is depicted in the different creative shapes from the beautiful traditional prints.

The Royal Collection

  • For the royalty in you, depicted in the creatively sewn on crowns and tiaras.

The “Little People’s” Collection

  • “Littlie – children under the age of twelve”
  • The “little people” in your life. There is something for all members of the family!

The Home Collection

  • Shop our creative African Inspired home accessories e.g. scatter cushions, place mats, aprons etc.

The Office Collection

  • Standout in the boardroom with a colourful and vibrant ethnic print laptop bag or sleeve, pencil case, fabric covered notebook/ journal, book mark!
The Thandeka Collection